Solvent Dyes Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Violet Dyes for Plastic


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Solvent Dyes Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Violet Dyes for Plastic

Solvent Dyes Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Violet Dyes for Plastic

Solvent Dyes Red/ Yellow/ Green/ Blue/ Orange/ Violet Dyestuff Note:For more technical data, pls contact us for TDS and

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Basic Info.
Model NO. Solvent dyes
Type Synthetic
Solvent Orange 60, 63, 107
Solvent Green 3, 5, 28
Solvent Yellow 93, 114, 160:1, 163
Solvent Violet 31, 36, 13, 59
Solvent Red 24, 52, 111, 135, 149, 179, 195
Solvent Blue 35, 97, 104
Color Shade Yellowish/ Reddish/ Greenish/ Bluish
Color Strength 100%
Transport Package Drum/Box
Specification Purity
Origin China
Product Description

Solvent Dyes Red/ Yellow/ Green/ Blue/ Orange/ Violet Dyestuff

Solvent Blue 104116-75-6300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Blue 9732724-62-2300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PA/PET FIBER
Solvent Green 2871839-01-5340PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Green 3128-80-3300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Green 52744-50-5300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Orange 606925-69-5300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Orange 6316294-75-0300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Orange 107185766-20-5300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Red 17989106-94-5280PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Red 5281-39-0300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Red 11182-38-2300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U
Solvent Red 13571902-17-5300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Red 195164251-88-1300PS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PA
Solvent Red 2485-83-6280PS//PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U
Solvent Red 14971902-18-6300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U
Solvent Violet 3170956-27-3300PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Violet 3661951-89-1300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Violet 1381-48-1280PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Yellow 934702-90-37280PS/AS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U
Solvent Yellow 11475216-45-4280PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PVC-U/PET FIBER
Solvent Yellow 160:194945-27-4300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PA/PET FIBER
Solvent Yellow 16313676-91-0300PS/AS/ABS/PC/PET/PBT/PM.MA/PET FIBER

Note:For more technical data, pls contact us for TDS and MSDS.
Production base for Organic pigmentsLaboratory (Testing for plastic,paint,ink and etc...)We are in the exhibitions in China and overseas(ChinaCoat,ChinaPlas,China InterDye,K Show,Plastex Egypt and etc... )
Our regularly packaging is 25kgs box or drum.If you have need any special packaging or packing size, we will try our best to match your requirement.We can arrange different kinds of shipment such as:Courier: FedEx, DHL, TNT Ocean shipment Air shipment
4. FAQ
A. What is the payment term?We can accpet most of the payment term such as TT, LC, DP, DA and etc.B. Can you provide samples?We can arrange free samples for your tesingC. What is the MOQ?Usually we can arrange shipment for one packaging(1 box or 1 drum).If you have speical requirement, we can discuss.D. What is the lead time?We have stock for most of the reqular items, can arrange shipment within 2 weeks.If you have special requirement, we can try best to cooperate with you to ship cargo as early as possible.E. How to control your quality?We have standard for each of our product, we test the quality during the production process and also the final product to make sure the quality is similar as our standard. We can provide pre-shipment sample before the shipment for your testing, and ship the same cargo to you after you approve the pre-shipment sample.